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Welcome! Worship the Llamas Here!

The Killer LLamas Are All Poet Laureates

The Sacred Killer LLama Altar
anywhere and everywhere
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All Members , Moderated
This is the sacred shrine at which we worship the killer_llamas.
1. We welcome all.
2. We are non-denominational.
3. The killer llamas should be worshipped with chocolate, liquor and the letter L.
4. The killer llamas are all Poet Laureates of the World.
5. Killer llama worship entails reading their poems. Their poetry is genius, and merits such obsessive devotion.
6. The killer llamas are beautiful and incredibly and charismatically sexy.
7. Do not piss off the killer llamas. I made that mistake once, and here I am making ammends by creating this altar for them.
8. All llamas are killer llamas; there is no such thing as a pacifist llama.